Kinect Triangulation to SVG (FREE OSX App)

September 11th, 2012

Here is a little tool for OSX, I made with Openframeworks. It’s an app for turning Kinect triangulated blobs into SVG files. Please note that you need a Kinect camera plugged in to use this!

You can download it here:


) Unzip in a folder and do not delete the “data/” folder.
) Plug-in your Kinect
) Stay close to it, around 1-1.5m
) Press ‘space’ to save your SVG
) Your SVG is saved in the “data/” folder with the name “mesh.svg”, it will overwrite the file, everytime you save!
) Have fun!

* Props to Marek Bereza and his Kinect blob triangulation code found in

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