Rotating Projection Mapping Experiment

October 26th, 2013

Recently, I found a very good walkthrough of how to sync a projection over a rotating object. All I needed was an Arduino, Big Easy Motor Driver, a Stepper motor and a projector.

If you want to play around, here are the original sources:

Note: I needed to change the code for the Arduino sketch to compensate for the 16 microsteps that the Big Easy Driver support, here is the important part:

void loop() { 

  if(speed < 0.0001) return;
  digitalWrite(DIR_PIN, HIGH);
  float deg = 0.9;
  int steps = abs(deg)*(1.0/0.1125);
  float usDelay = (1/speed) * 70;
  for(int i=0; i < steps; i++){
    digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, LOW);
    rotation += 0.1125;

Here is the result, next step – 3d printing my own object and trying to sync a second projector.


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