Arcade “Scratch” Machine

You want to learn how to scratch? Well, why do it the old boring way, do it “ARCADE” style!

Ok, I admit, this game won’t turn you into DJ Q-Bert, but still it turned out pretty fun! I have been wanting to combine some timecode vinyl control with projection mapping for quite some time now, but didn’t actually had any good interactive idea in mind. So after playing hours of Superhexagon and Braid, this idea popped into my head – why move a player around a game, when you can scratch the whole level and this is how this game was born. Next on my list is two player mode with two turntables, this will be even more fun!

Technical details: The software is made using Openframeworks, the timecode vinyl control is using the Traktor Scratch vinyl and ofxWax add-on. The projection mapping is done, using MadMapper. The turntable is a classic Technics SL1200!

Project Photos:

Project Videos: